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Blue Flame is a global brand activation and event production company based in Redwood City, CA. We provide exceptional experiences to Fortune 500 companies, and deliver programs that are on time, on budget and exceed client’s goals and objectives. 75% of employees work remotely, allowing us to hire based on talent and experience rather than location.

We are artists, explorers, leaders, creators, and innovators in everything we do – always looking for challenges and problems to solve. A passion for life, friendship, family, and happiness drives us and permeates our company culture, creating a supportive ecosystem that fosters a desire for excellence in our work and service.

Current Openings:

Event Producer / Client Service Manager
Details are your thing. You thrive knowing that you can handle hundreds of them, and can prioritize them so nothing falls through the cracks. You enjoy the pace of events, knowing each one is unique and will teach you something new. You proactively over-communicate with your clients, all the while managing the expectations of your internal and your external teams, knowing it is all about the journey as much as the destination, and the relationships you build along the way. On-site, you delegate, orchestrate and keep the team focused on the big picture – flawless execution. At a moments notice, you can pull a resource from your little black book to solve the multitude of surprises. You know this takes a commitment, 24/7 if necessary. But when you’ve realized success and are saying goodbyes, you find yourself looking forward to what’s next.

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